Plans with Mino District and myself

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Plans with Mino District and myself

Post  SirJeivus on Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:56 pm

Okay...I've given this a lot of thought. The following is my personal Tetris agenda for 2012-2013.


Early July - Finalize Taiwan Travel plans
Mid-July - Host PTS Quickfire #4, TB TW Number #2
August-September - Host PTS Quickfire Masters (End first season), TB TW Invitational to be finished by Mid-september.
Late September - Purchase trophies from "Richmond Recognition" for the top 4 winners of the TB TW Invitational.
October - Visit Taiwan, finish writing pre-release of my book. Print 5 advanced copies.


January - Organize plans to visit Manila. Purchase trophies from "Richmond Recognition" for the top 3 winners of the PTS Quickfire Masters.
February/March - Visit Manila, Philippines. My co-worker has an empty apartment there, which I can occupy for a while.
June/July - Attempt to visit TTC in Honolulu, Hawaii.
August - ???


July 3, 2012 - Both my supervisor and manager confirmed that I can take October 1st to October 10th off. I'm now requesting a quote from Keystone travel. Yohan Zhou of TB club graciously created an event and is managing that to plan for my arrival and activities.


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