Combo Tables for TB and TF E+ or TOJ

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Combo Tables for TB and TF E+ or TOJ

Post  SirJeivus on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:43 pm

Below is a list of line send tables for TB, TF E+ and TOJ mode and a summary of the major differences:

  • Back to back for TB is 1.5x the attack. For TF E+, b2b is only +1 of the regular attack (ie: b2b TST is 7 (6+1). In TOP, b2b TSD is 5 and b2b TST is 8.
  • b2b Tetrises are 6 in TB, 5 in other games
  • In TB, 1 combos add while TF E+ and TOJ/TOP the combo starts to add on the second combo. This is why combos are powerful on TB.
  • In TOJ/TOP, 1 combos do not add but they do block 1 line. In TF E+, 1 combos neither attack or defend.

Tetris Battle Attack Table: Reference can be found at:

Tetris Friends E+ Attack Table: Reference:

Tetris Online Japan/Poland Attack Table Reference:


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